And so it begins…..

Posted: November 27, 2017 in Studio Updates

I’m officially ready for lift off! Joyride Anthem, my beloved studio project… is finally coming to life. I started this idea in 2016 to start my own music project where I do it all… For the most part anyways.

Releasing music independently is not an easy task and when you have a full time job, a life and a lot to studies it’s hard to keep the music passion adrift the ocean of life.

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My first release can be found here:

If there is a hole in your pocket and your gracious heart feels like donating to the cause to help a starving musician… Well, you’re in luck! A Hi-Res Digital Download of this song can be yours to own by purchasing it here:

  1. Carolyn Atwood says:

    Hello Dj,

    I feel your emotion in your music and I enjoy your eclectic array of artistry. I am a fan of rock, however was mesmerized by your recent composition ” Solitude”.
    I would love to hear more of that genre. I am your biggest fan.

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