New single release! Instrumental Rock song ALIEN54 out now!

Posted: December 10, 2017 in Studio Updates

Hi friends!

I’ve dropped my new single that will be found just about everywhere music is sold/streamed (iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora..) plus many, many more thanks to my Tunecore distribution.

About the music:

This particular song is a heavy guitar instrumental. The closest comparison to a familiar sound is Metallica meets Joe Satriani.

Song structure:

This song begins with a creepy synth intro that transitions into a melody that starts the essence of the song. The song features two guitar solos that contain alot of double notes, a few legato lines, some neoclassical elements & general noodling. I made a few particular breaks to add relief & a surprise faster BPM ending to finalize the song. I was going to fade the song out at the end but for the music video I needed the remaining time for my final statement in the Youtube video.

This song will be on my 13 song Modern Rock album “The Romantic Poltergeist”, coming 2018. The album will only have maybe 2 instrumental songs & feature a few guest vocalists. The general theme of the album is about death & Gnosticism, it’s deep stuff.

Alien54 simply means: We are all aliens here in this world, as we are spiritual beings experiencing a mortal fleshly existence. 54 equates to the number 9, which has deep meaning in numerology. Holy Trinity etc..

To view the Youtube video, see below. The notes in the Youtube video description go way more in depth about the video & this song.

Thanks for following & blessings to you!

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