Where’s that album yo????

Posted: January 17, 2018 in Studio Updates

On the way!

All good things take time right? Time is a commodity I just don’t have much of. My progress right now is, all of the music is written, I have several songs halfway recorded, drums in production but do need to complete some lyric writing. The album tone is rock solid and really sounded great. The vibes are tight.

I will probably release one more single soon with a featured vocalist. I promise, it is stellar. I want a huge vocal range that will really soar emotion into this song because it is a song full of feels.

I have been busy with work and securing up my business for the music of Joyride Anthem. Plus, web design stuff and my marketing campaign which is plenty enough to keep any sane person from staying sane.

Another day, another moment in time for opportunity.. it’s just whether or not it’s been ceased.


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