Music Gear

Gear I Use:

My studio setup is rather simple really. I rely on my ears to do all of the work, as any good engineer does. I have some decent gear and in my new house my studio space is very SMALL. I do need to condition the room with foam. Especially behind the JBL monitors and the corners of this space. Again this project is in it’s infancy!

I have a pair of JBL LSR308 3 Series Professional monitors with a Yamaha 10 inch subfwoofer. I only mix & record through my monitors and use my headphones to listen only when I need to be quiet. I also have a pair of near range monitors but I do not have room yet to set them up. For headphones I have the Sennheiser DT770 PRO 250 ohm series powered by a Presonus HP4. These headphones are ridiculously clear, I cannot recommend them enough. They have an excellent isolation factor too and fit so well to your head.

For a mixer and interface I have a Mackie D8B and it is clocked through an RME Digiface which is connected to my studio computer via firewire.



I have had this board for about 8 years. It was virtually new when I purchased it, I got lucky with the buy. Still in the box and everything. These are legendary mixing boards. In the early 90’s alot of mega hit albums were pumped out through these boards. It can do up to 72 channels, has 24 inputs with 13 mic pres. The mic preamps are solid and smooth. The board also has an effects card and an Apogee clock card installed. I do not use any effects however, I do all of that in my DAW software. That RME Digiface was purchased from a Grammy Award Winner who wrote the theme song for the soap opera “The Guiding Light”. I’d like to think some of his magic is imposed into that little baby, because it certainly is a great piece of gear and I got it on the CHEAP from him. Thanks David!

I do not use any outboard gear besides a small Pro Channel tube pre. I use it exclusively for micing vocals and acoustic guitars. That’s it. For an affordable preamp, ART has definitely been a good go to brand. They are decent preamps for the price. Other than that, this rack just has the power CPU for the Mackie D8B board and a Monster PRO 2500 power conditioner. Another piece of gear I highly recommend! Especially for any live sound rig, always, always have one of this on your front of house sound and backline. It will help filter any signal noise in your electricity. This is a must.

For my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) I have only been using Cakewalk. Once I went digital, I tried a few different DAWs back then. I got a copy of Cakewalk Sonar 7 and that was it, I was hooked. I now use Cakewalk Sonar Platnum. I believe it to be a solid interface with excellent algorithms, excellent processing power and very CPU and memory friendly. This is VITAL to any DAW usage. Not to mention the add-ons they provide with the Sonar Platnum version are great plugins and VSTs to get you started. 


Other software I use include WAVES Complete Plugin Suite, Superior Drummer 2.0, Kontakt, Fabfilter Plugins & iZotope Plugins



Cables are an important factor to any good studio setup. They can get very costly to buy great cables that are high quality, noise free and that use REAL copper not cheap Chinese copper.  My Studio is outfitted exclusively with Mogami cables. I use pro Monster guitar cables for my guitar amps and use ProCo cables for my guitars on stage, which are 3 conductor cables, so essentially they are microphone cables with the 3rd conductor acting as a shield. A little guitar tone/noise free cable secret.


For my guitars I have only one guitar that I play the most, an early 90s Japanese made Jackson Soloist. It is outfitted with Seymour Duncan pickups,  a couple hot rails and a Duncan bridge, the famous JB model. In all honesty, I am not a huge fan of these pickups, they are great.. But my best pickup setup is a Dimarzio Vai Evolution bridge paired up with the Chopper single coil for the neck.

About a 1991 Japanese Jackson Soloist. Neck through body, rosewood board, with Seymour Duncans, two Hotrails and a JB. This has a brass block and real deal Floyd Rose.


ESP LTD Deluxe 1000 Series. I bought this when they first came out. These are super, super light guitars. Outfitted with EMG 80 & 81 pickups. Amazingly quiet. It is too small for my hands and I only use it for alternative tuning like Drop D for heavy riffs.


For bass I have a 5 string Yammy. I use am Ampeg plugin to get a good SVT PRO sound.        

My live rig is below, which is used to record with as well, is a Mesa cab with Celestion Vintage 30s. I always rewire guitar cabinets with good copper wire and solder the ends directly to the speaker connector. I use Rocktron for my guitar processing and control my effects with MIDI. I have a super simple pedal board! After years of messing with pedals, I decided life is so much easier with high processing and MIDI control.


I also have a Mesa Boogie Solo 50 tube head and a Marshal 1960a cabinet with Celestion G12T-75 speakers. Bit higher EQ range than the Vintage 30s. It’s common for guitarist to do an “X” pattern of Vintage 30s combined with the G12s. I prefer a straight cab with V30s only.

That’s it! Questions? Comments? Share below or write me!!